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CYC Shanghai Shirt Co. Pte Ltd is pleased to have appointed Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre (TaF.tc) as our training provider to develop and deliver training to our staff.  TaF.tc has carried out a number of training programs for our staff and I have found the training to be relevant and the trainers to be highly skilled and professional. TaF.tc understood our business and was flexible to provide bite-size training of 2 hours over a 2 week period to our team. This training has been most beneficial and has avoided disruption to our daily operations.  We have also benefited from TaF.tc’s Industry Partner in Talent Development. We were able to recruit one of TaF.tc’s graduates in the WSQ Diploma in Fashion Technology and will continue to do so whenever there is an opening. We are committed to participate in TaF.tc’s Professional Conversion Program.

CYC Shanghai Shirt Co. Pte Ltd Fong Loo Fern , Managing Director

TaF.tc has positioned itself as the premier training institute for textile, apparel and related manufacturing technologies in Singapore and the region. Rossi had the privilege of working with TaF.tc on a consultation/ training project in 2012 and it has positively impacted on our operation flow, supply chain management and manufacturing mindset. (…) Our staff and the organization has certainly benefited from the association with TaF.tc. It enabled us to operate at a higher level of efficiency and productivity.

Rossi Apparel Daniel Lum , Managing Director

TaF.tc has been my exclusive training partner and has collaborated with me to customize and deliver industry training for my LF Global QA team and LF vendors in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam” (…). Li and Fung have been in collaboration with TaF.tc for coming to 5 years in our joint Lean initiative. Most recently, TaF.tc has also collaborated with us to conduct workshops for the production and development team of our customer Kohl’s USA. We are proud to say that the training has helped build an even higher level of confidence and trust as Kohl’s appreciates the professionalism of my team brought about by the ongoing training.

Kohl’s Sourcing Group – LF Sourcing Lesley Ho , Executive Vice President Global QA Operations & Vendor Management

TaF.tc has very engaging trainers who are also very knowledgeable in textile and fashion products. Our front line team fully enjoyed the training session and they find it very valuable.

Wing Tai Helen Khoo , Executive Director

Juki Singapore Pte Ltd is pleased to acknowledge Textile and fashion Industry Training Centre Pte Ltd (TaF.tc) as our training partner and we are proud to support TaF.tc in its pursuit of excellence in training capacity development.

Juki is in close partnership with TaF.tc and Juki has been instrumental in providing support in the design, installation and set-up of TaF.tc’s sewing laboratories in both Thye Hong Centre and Central Plaza.

Our staff have also attended workshops conducted by TaF.tc, and have greatly benefitted from the training. Thus we are pleased to recommend TaF.tc as an industry training provider, and we at Juki, are proud to be associated with TaF.tc.

Juki Singapore Pte Ltd Looi Kum Hong , Director

The tutor was very well informed and patient. Everyone enjoyed the class. It was fun learning how much goes into the Art of Shoe making. I am inclined to this industry and might possibly look at starting my own fashion label in future.

Prachi Maheshkumar Gupta Prachi Maheshkumar Gupta , Director

After attending this footwear course offered by TaF.tc, it helped me understand the basics of the footwear industry and gave me an edge when meeting with the manufacturers and suppliers.

Toby, Diploma in Fashion Technology Toby , Footwear Design and Product Development

TaF.tc has been the best platform to train me in the niche field of footwear designing with its amazing faculty, excellent support staff as well as great learning environment, I have learnt a lot and would like to thank Taf.tc. I highly recommended the school for anyone wanting to make a foray into the fashion world.

TEAL Vrinda Gupta , Founder

Through my learning journey in TaF.tc, it has helped me apply the skills that I have learnt in class to my real life job experience within Walt Disney with in a shorter time period. The ratio of students to teachers is very good as the teachers could give focused time to each student . Everyone can share and ask questions during the discussion and it is super helpful. The lecturers are very nice and have a lot of experience in the industry. Having them share about their experiences in the industry were very beneficial.

The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Pte. Limited Tan Li Ting Elizabeth , Sourcing Specialist

TaF.tc opened up my vision and opportunities in the exciting fashion industry. The knowledge gained was the key fundamental to excellent performance.

Mothercare (S) PTE LTD Kevin Chua , Assistant Merchandising Manager (Home & Travel)

The best part about the diploma in TaF.tc was that it was condensed into 13 weeks. The staff are really helpful, encouraging and supportive. I now have real knowledge about what goes into making shoes.

Diploma in Fashion Technology (Footwear Design and Product Development) in TaF.tc Asante Margaret Olusolabomi , Alumni

TaF.tc is authentic, they are hands-on especially during the lessons. It has a very good class size with time focused on each student. They have very good and well-experienced lecturers in the industry.

VS De Mariee Shonna Seow , Managing Director

I found the course extremely useful. All I wanted to know about leather was in the course. The lecturer knows the subject well, thus we benefited a lot from the course. I hope you would have more of such one-day courses in the future.”

Inorep Marketing Pte Ltd Nancy Cheang , Marketing Manager

My course at TaF.tc helped me better understand what comprises quality leather products and how knowledge can help create a line of shoes that will be well accepted by our customers.

Vincitore Shoes Nita Chauhan , Director

Taf.tc has provided a great foundation for starting out in the Fashion Business.

DEBONEIRE Menswear Matthew Gideon , Founder

There are so much goodness in TaF.tc: Comprehensive course offering where we get to learn everything required to know in the classroom as well as provide us knowledge to be industry ready. Patient and experienced lecturers who are not just here to teach, they’re willing to share and impart knowledge beyond the textbook. Handouts, notes, equipment, tools etc. are always ready for us, providing us with a hassle free learning environment. Even the support staffs are ever ready to help and assist in whichever problems we may encounter. Clearly, TaF.tc is an institute that is passionate in teaching and nurturing us for our future.

Footwear Design and Product Development Perri Goh , Diploma in Fashion Technology

The courses helped in providing an introduction of how the industry will be like and what is to be expected. The Introduction to Textile module benefited me most as it helped me in identifying fabrics, which is a knowledge required in my role as a Materials Developer. Other modules such as the Production Drawing and the Garment Construction modules have given me the knowledge of identifying mistakes in markers drawn when checking them while working in a garment factory. Overall, the courses have allowed me to adapt quickly to my jobs in this industry.

Nike Priscilla Tay , Vendor Manager

It is amazing how much you can learn in 3 months from TaF.tc. Developed with Ars Sutoria, the courses are taught by industry experts who generously share their personal experiences. This allows students to not only develop a strong foundation but also obtain key insights into the industry. Lessons are straight to the point and have been optimally planned to enable structured learning. This truly was a beautiful experience for me and I highly recommend this course for those interested to start their own footwear label.

A Traveller’s Fine Threads Pte. Ltd Alphonsus Chng , Director

I have the honour to work with Doreen Tan, the CEO of TaF.tc to increase the competitiveness of the companies in the garment value chain in my Myanmar Garment project. I am very impressed with the way she is working. Her thorough knowledge of the textile and fashion sector has helped the companies extensively. They have become stronger through focused skills development in key skills such as sourcing, textiles, merchandising. I am delighted to partner with TaF.tc to extend this expertise to several more designers and fashion retailers! Thanks Doreen and here’s to many more years ahead!

Furthermore TaF.tc is a very good school and gives excellent trainings. Skilled trainers who were very insightful of the current fashion industry. They are and are open in sharing their experiences and techniques. Recommended for those who are genuinely interested to know more about the garment industry. Like someone was saying before; at TaF.tc you get industry professionals as your guiding light, how much better can it get?

CBI, the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries Heidy van der Ploeg , CBI Programme Manager

Industry professionals as your guiding light, how much better can it get?

The lecturers are not your typical academic types, they have actually been in the garment industry for years and have the chutzpah to back it up.
You start with the basics - fibre, yarn, moving on to the garment components, illustrating your ideas onto paper and software, sourcing for trims/fabrics and marketing tools for the industry.

The learning curve is steep, so patience and an open mind is a virtue to have, going through these 3-4 month diploma courses.
Respect what the courses have to offer and you will be rewarded in spades.

Sign up for the shorter courses if you want to have a feel for the learning environment and see where that will lead you.
Recommended for those who are genuinely interested to know more about the garment industry.

Kerbside&Co. Fahmy Ismail , Founder

I have had the great pleasure and privilege of working with Doreen Tan, the CEO of TaF.tc since 2003 implementing projects across various parts of the world to increase competitiveness of companies in the garment vale chain. Our projects over the years have spanned across Central America in Guatemala and El Salvador, Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, south and South-East Asia in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and many more! Doreen’s incredible passion and in-depth knowledge of the textile and fashion sector has helped several 100 small and medium factories as well as many of the bigger corporations to grow and become stronger through focussed skills development in key skills such as sourcing, textiles, merchandising! Clothing Connect is delighted to partner with TaF.tc to extend this expertise to several more designers and fashion retailers! Thanks Doreen and here’s to many more years ahead ! 👍🙏

Clothing Connect Rupa Ganguli , Managing Director