Fashion Industry Trips

With the ambition of helping our graduates learn more about the actual workings of the industry, we strive to organise multiple factory visits to our partner companies and their respective textile and fabric mills.

Ghim Li (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

Students will visit Ghim Li's textile and garment factories in Johor Bahru to witness the entire manufacturing and apparel production process from start to finish. After all, learning in theory is one thing, but solidifying the knowledge with real-world experience is a different story! 

The first stop for our students is Ghim Li's Maxim Fabric Mill, to learn all about the textile value chain from yarn sourcing, knitting, dyeing, finishing, printing, inspection & packaging to delivery. The students will get a chance to see the industry-standard manufacturing facilities in person, with a value-added mill tour from a Maxim employee! 

The students will also get to see Ghim Li's showroom which sparks ideas and possibilities - with a spread of textiles produced by the Maxim Fabric Mill.

Following through the process of production, the second stop is Ghim Li's apparel factory to understand how the textiles are incorporated into the final product. This is where students will see how mass-prodution works from sewing, cutting, embroidery and print, to quality inspection and delivery to the department stores that we might have all heard about.

Such factory visits are definitely an eye-opening experience for our students to witness the entire production process first-hand!

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