Our Commitment

Our Vision

To be a global fashion school without boundaries.

Our Mission

To inculcate in each individual the attitude, skills and knowledge for the development and integration of the textile and fashion industry.

Our Values

TaF.tc is committed to delivering unique and professional training programmes, as well as providing a networking platform for students, professionals and the industry itself.


    We offer unique and highly efficient industry-based training programmes that provide the most relevant skills, knowledge and attitude to compete in the global textile and fashion industry. Eligible participants enjoy SSG funding, internship opportunities, training allowances and industry visits.


    Our courses are based on industry practices and not just theory. That’s because we only recruit professional industry practitioners and experts – all of whom are passionate about sharing their expertise with the next generation through consulting, mentoring and training.


    An impressive global and local network of partnerships in the fashion and textile industry enables us to open doors to exciting careers. It also ensures that TaF.tc is continuously up-to-date with the latest developments in the global fashion world. See our full list of partners.

Our Culture



    We are committed to our Vision and Mission


    We take ownership in everything we do


    We respect people, companies and utilisation of resources


    We embrace diversity in thought, culture, age, religion and sexuality

Learn more about our Student Performance and Graduate Outcomes by requesting the information from us.

    A) Module Evaluation Rating
    B) End of Course Survey
    C) Completed Training, Assessed Competent & Graduated
    D) Attrition Rate
    A) Trainees Demonstrate Application of Learning
    B) Trainees who completed training are given enhanced Job Scope or New Responsibilities after completing WSQ Training (If Applicable)

Trainer Ratio

Our maximum teaching student ratio per class is 1:20