Choose by Specialty Choose the specialty that interests you most to find out more about the qualifications we offer in that area. 0.1 Merchandising and Marketing The fashion industry is a fast-paced business in which consumers’ desires and the latest trends must be carefully woven into each new product line. Fashion marketing is the process of managing the flow of merchandise from the initial design to the presentation of products to customers, with the aim of maximising sales and profitability. Merchandisers track orders from design conceptualisation through to end consumers, managing the entire supply chain to exceed customers’ expectations.  Choose Qualification   0.2 Apparel Design and Product Development Fashion Apparel Design and Product Development is a rewarding, fast-paced, and highly creative job. In order to stay at the top, well-designed and well-developed products are key. Design refers to the activities involved in the creation of the style, look and feel of the product, including selecting the materials and components required for production. Product development is the process of identifying a market opportunity, creating products that appeal to the market, developing technical specifications, and testing and modifying the product for production. Choose Qualification   0.3 Industrial Engineering, Quality and Production The fashion industry is characterised by long product life cycles, low volume, volatile demand, high product complexity and a complicated supply chain. In such an environment, efficient management practices are the key to sustainability. Industrial engineering practices assist the transformation of traditional practices into today’s realities in the most cost-efficient way, with the objective of seamlessly taking a product from concept to customer. This is done through boosting productivity to minimise costs while stabilising operations – prioritising the areas that will make the greatest impact on upstream and downstream manufacturers. Choose Qualification   0.4 Footwear Design and Product Development The first-of-its-kind in Singapore, the Footwear Design and Product Development courses will provide you with the secrets of the trade from shoe design, pattern making and construction, to marketing, costing and quality control. The course curriculum has been jointly developed by and Ars Sutoria. Ars Sutoria is an international technical training institute established in the center town of the fashion capital Milan, which has been organising courses in the field of shoes and bags since 1947.  Along the years, they have trained professionals that now work in leading footwear and bags companies such as Clarks, Converse, Nike and Bata.  In the five past years, they have also developed training classes in different countries such as the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Japan. Singapore is their next adventure. Choose Qualification