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Become the Next Fashion Talent

Professional Short Courses for the Fashion Industry

September 2019

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Learn the principles of merchandising, sourcing, and Lean thinking alongside's veteran instructors as they train you in the skills you need to further your career in the fashion industry.

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1. Identify and Analyse Textiles

Go beneath the surface and learn about various textiles down to their fibres, and the processes involved in weaving, dyeing and more. Analyse the risks of using certain fabrics, and pre-empt issues relating to textile characteristics.

Gross Fees (per person): 910 EUR


2. Global Sourcing for Textiles and Apparel

This course will teach you how to develop and implement a sourcing strategy, carry out negotiation, vendor management, and evaluate your suppliers on metrics beyond pricing. This includes the computation of ELC or DDP for your apparel.

Gross Fees (per person): 670 EUR


3. Material and Apparel Costing

Learn how to evaluate the commercial viability of your design collection: From computing estimated fabric consumption based on tech packs, to calculating labour costs via standard minute value (SMV) and how to breakdown all the components that go into costing.

Gross Fees (per person): 830 EUR


4. Order Coordination & Production Tracking

Equip yourself with the skills to manage production efficiency, deliver creative solutions, establish Time and Action Calendar (TAC), followup orders and brainstorm on what to do when labdips or samples are rejected.

Gross Fees (per person): 670 EUR


5. Quality Assurance

Learn the principles of quality management, statistical sampling, defects classification, product testing, safety standards, and sample evaluation. Identify problem areas and develop solutions to assure quality in the end product.

Gross Fees (per person): 1,060 EUR


6. Lean Manufacturing

Learn the principles of lean thinking and its application in the apparel industry. Understand how to manage operations via ‘Pull vs Push’ and ‘Just-in-Time’ manufacturing, as well as identifying and removing roadblocks to facilitate a continuous work flow. By the end of the course, you will also be able to pinpoint and eliminate all forms of waste, and prioritise value-adding activities in order to transform manufacturing.

Gross Fees (per person): 790 EUR

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7. Basic & Intermediate Industrial Engineering

You will learn how to study, analyse and improve work methods within the garment manufacturing environment, while identifying the different cost drivers and their effects on different cost methods. You will also learn how to identify and eliminate unnecessary movements to improve production performance, while applying line balancing to avoid bottlenecks and achieve continuous flow. By applying a pre-determined time system, you will be able to weed out and streamline your processes.

- Basic Industrial Engineering

- Intermediate Industrial Engineering

Gross Fees (per person): 2,060 EUR

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