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Menswear & Style - FAQ

August 2019

Need some help enrolling or finding out what the weekend Menswear & Style course (August 24-25) offers? This site might help you out!

How do I enrol?
First, click the enrolment link below:


Ensure that:

1. The course name appears as "Colour & Style (Footwear Design and Product Development)"
2. The intake dates appear as "24 Aug 2019 to 25 Aug 2019"
3. The Job Code appears as "CFFAT-1908-02"

Fill in the relevant details - make sure to have your IC, education information, employment information, and credit card handy!

(If you are an existing student and don't know how to enrol, watch this tutorial)

I can't find "Menswear & Style" on SkillsFuture! How I claim SkillsFuture Credits for this class?
You can pay for the course fees (excluding 7% GST and application fee) using SkillsFuture Credits! When you're at the SkillsFuture site, look for the course by its official WSQ name: "Coordinate Footwear with Fashion Apparel and Trends".

Be sure to claim for the right class dates: August 24-25, 2019!

Who is the trainer?
Our trainer is Thomas Tan, who specialises in design and trend forecasting. With years of experience designing for the likes for Calvin Klein, JC Penny, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Abercrombie & Fitch, Thomas' taste for both fresh trends and classic looks is unparalleled.

Will there be complimentary car parking?
Yes - we will let you know the details closer to the date!

What is the fee for local students?
After SSG funding (90%), the nett fees for all Singaporeans and PRs are S$ 98.44 (S$80 course fee after SSG funding + S$12 application fee + 7% GST)

You may be eligible for the WTS funding (95%) if you are 35 years old or above and are currently employed with a salary of less than S$2,000/month. In this case, the nett fees are S$ 58.44 (S$40 course fee after SSG & WTS funding + S$12 application fee + 7% GST) . Ask us if you qualify!

What is the fee for international guests?
Nett fees for international students are S$ 440.84Ask us how to sign up!

Will this class happen again?
This is our only run for the year - don't miss your chance!


Any unanswered questions? Contact Gabriel ( for help!