Shoe making: Athletic Shoes

On Campus Short Course Footwear Design and Product Development

Learn how athletic shoes are constructed by making your own. Use the various materials, components, and machines needed to make a pair of sports shoes.

This training provides occupational knowledge and skills of the various techniques and concepts in athletic shoes construction that are widely used in the footwear industry. It covers understanding of how athletic shoes are constructed, the various material utilization with various components within the construction of the athletic shoe. Thus fundamental knowledge will reduce redundant designs that cannot be replicated in mass production, eliminate misinterpretation in sampling and production, and improve communication in production specifications. This unit is delivered through lecture, demonstration and hands-on activities. Funding Period: 1st March 2021 to end Feb 2024

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    Registered Title: (Shoe Making: Athletic Shoes )

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    On Campus


Course Duration

SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:24:00 Trainer Facilitated Hours (On Campus/Virtual):23:00 Self-Directed E-learning Hours:00:00 Assessment Hours:01:00
  • Identify tools, equipment, and components required to construct an athletic shoe.
  • Cut shoe upper and other components based on given shoe patterns.
  • Perform manually and or machine stitch shoe uppers and other components and accessories.
  • Assemble the various shoe components to complete the athletic shoe in accordance with industry norms.
  • Perform finishing on athletic shoes in accordance with industry norms.
  • Evaluate the workmanship and construction of the athletic shoes.
  • Take corrective actions to rectify the abnormalities/defects against industry norms or organizational standards.
Key Learning Areas
  • Types of athletic shoes.
  • Types of athletic footwear components.
  • Techniques for cutting athletic footwear components.
  • Types of athletic shoe constructions.
  • Types of athletic footwear tools, footwear equipment, and machines
  • Types of cement or adhesives and their application.
  • Safety regulations with regard to the use of adhesives, tools, and equipment.
  • Types of finishing processes.
  • Criteria of evaluation for athletic shoes.
Certificate Issuance

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be awarded a Certificate in Shoe Making: Athletic Shoes.

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Items Required For Class

Before your class begins, we would like you to make sure that you have the following items so that the class can proceed smoothly.

  • apron
  • sharp scissors
  • small empty recycled jar with cap for glue
  • small paint brush for glue


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