Develop Pattern and Sew Small Leathergoods and Variations (New)

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Are you looking for a unique way to express your creative side? A leather workshop course might be just the thing! Leatherworking is an age-old craft that has been practiced since ancient times. It combines artistry with practicality, allowing you to create beautiful and functional items from natural materials. Whether you're interested in making wallets, bags, belts or other accessories, a leather workshop can teach you the skills needed to make them happen. With expert instruction and plenty of hands-on practice, these courses will provide all the knowledge and resources necessary to help bring your ideas into reality.

Step into the world of’s leather workshop courses. Learn the art of hand-sewing with our comprehensive course on crafting a leather wallet or card holder. From drafting to selecting the finest leather, we'll guide you through every step of the process. This includes drafting, cutting and assembling. Acquire essential techniques and create a beautiful, high-quality product that you'll be proud to show off. Enroll now and join the world of leather goods crafting with the joy of creating one of the most popular and in-demand leather goods. Funding Period: 1st March 2021 to end Feb 2024

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    Registered Title: (Develop Pattern and Sew Small Leathergoods and Variations )

    TPGateway Code:TGS-2019504077

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    On Campus


Course Duration

SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:40:00 Trainer Facilitated Hours (On Campus/Virtual):39:00 Self-Directed E-learning Hours:00:00 Assessment Hours:01:00
  • Draft pattern blocks for a small leather good with given specifications and measurements
  • Develop a variety of patterns for the small leather good via pattern manipulation methods
  • Label and mark individual pattern pieces with symbols based on individual practices.
  • Cut shell and/or lining base on patterns.
  • Assemble and finish product based on industry standards
  • Evaluate and recommend rectifications of the small leather good against given design specifications and measurements
Certificate Issuance
Upon successful completion of the course, student will be awarded's Certificate of Completion in Develop Patterns and Sew Small Leathergoods and Variations.
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Items Required For Class

You will need a laptop OR computer OR tablet*, whichever you prefer, for viewing your E-books and E-Learning.
*Devices need to have a working camera and a microphone.


Yes! You can use any SkillsFuture Credits you have to pay for course fees.

We do not offer any make-up or replacement classes.

We highly discourage you from missing any classes since the entire program is designed to be hands-on intensive. There is also a minimum attendance requirement of 75% of training hours for Singaporean and PRs, and 90% of training hours for international students. If you do not meet the 75% attendance requirement, you will not be eligible to enjoy subsidies nor to sit for the assessment. Make sure you block off your time during your training with us or find an intake option that will ensure you do not miss any classes. You will only wish that you had more time in the class!

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