TaF.tc's Diploma in Apparel Design and Product Development

Diploma Apparel Design and Product Development
TaF.tc's Diploma in Apparel Design will teach you the technical skills required such as sewing, drafting, and pattern-making to design and produce your own unique fashion collection!

Specially tailored to focus on industry-relevant areas, TaF.tc's Diploma in Apparel Design & Product Development emphasises necessary skills such as technical specification for materials, sewing, pattern drafting and development, among others. With TaF.tc’s experienced trainers, you will also gain in-depth knowledge about how to manage quality assurance, creating your own fashion brand, merchandise buying, and developing your own design collection.


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The Details

  • Total Maximum Months

    Full Time: 4.5
    Part Time: 14

  • Mode Of Learning


  • Career Opportunities
    • Fashion Designer
    • Assistant Designer
    • Assistant Pattern Maker
    • Merchandiser
    • Technical Designer
    • Technical Support Executive
    • Product Developer
    • Quality Control Auditor / Compliance Assistant Auditor

The TaF.tc Difference

Practical Industry Knowledge

Everything you learn at TaF.tc can be applied to your professional life in fashion and will be taught by industry practitioners through interactive workshops, whether online or in TaF.tc's Sewing Labs.

Global Network of Entrepreneurs and Experts

Our partners and advisors are as close to home as Thailand or Japan and as far as Italy or the UK. Tap into a professional community built over decades of industry immersion.

Post-Graduate Career Support

Our career support connects you to jobs available on the market, opportunities for further studies, and resources to help you start your own brand.


Course Duration

SSG Approved Training & Assessment Hours : 561
Modules (15)

With the growing trend of buyers asking for value-added services, only factories who can offer design and product development services can compete in the global arena. Garment manufacturers have to develop their own product development team to meet their buyers’ requirements. It is also imperative to create the most relevant collection in the shortest time for the buyers, as lead time gets shorter. Product development is not just about the creation of new samples – it has to meet the criteria and the needs of the buyers. This course covers the various aspect of product development. From understanding the customers to the creation of design, articulate the various elements of product development and how to meet these challenges in the shortest possible time while giving the buyers the right product at the right time.

Registered Title:Apparel Product Development SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:36:00 Training Hours:26:00 e-Learning Hours:08:00 Assessment Hours:02:00 View Module

In today’s world, buying according to market trends and consumer demands is important to remain competitive in the fashion industry. This course aims to equip you with skills to forecast, budget and plan merchandising assortment with key focus on consumer centric buying and relevancy to market merchandising concept. Conducted in multifaceted manner, get the skills needed to maximize customer satisfaction and create lasting synergy between customer and brand.

Registered Title:Intermediate Fashion Merchandise Buying SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:35:00 Training Hours:25:00 e-Learning Hours:08:00 Assessment Hours:02:00 View Module

Technical drawing is an important tool to turn your creative thoughts into reality. Learn to communicate the details of your garments accurately and clearly to your manufacturer to ensure error-free production. Interpret and Draw Production Sketches

Registered Title:Intermediate Production Sketching SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:34:00 Training Hours:24:00 e-Learning Hours:08:00 Assessment Hours:02:00 View Module

Wish to know how to build quality into your products? Join this course to learn about the principles of quality management, statistical sampling, defects classification, product testing, safety standards, sample evaluation and report writing. The multifaceted delivery will aid you in identifying problem areas and developing solutions to assure quality in the end product.

Registered Title:Quality Management in Fashion SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:33:00 Training Hours:22:00 e-Learning Hours:09:00 Assessment Hours:02:00 View Module

Take your design from paper to working digital file using computer aided design software such as Adobe illustrator with our digital fashion design course in Singapore. You will learn how to draw various fashion illustrations and render them on this platform to reflect the qualities and details of your design. A must technique for every fashion designer to convey creative concept in a professional presentation with technical specification.

Registered Title:Digital Drawings for Fashion SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:28:00 Training Hours:22:00 e-Learning Hours:04:00 Assessment Hours:02:00 View Module

Branding can play a significant part to make your brand stand out from the crowd, particularly in competitive markets. You will have an intensive, interactive, hands-on understanding of how to create your own brand from scratch including your brand name, logo, identifying your unique selling proposition, identifying your target market, brand positioning and developing the sales and marketing strategy.

Registered Title:Fashion Brand Management SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:26:00 Training Hours:16:00 e-Learning Hours:08:00 Assessment Hours:02:00 View Module

The world of fast fashion moves at an incredible pace, where changes in designs and colours can happen at the drop of a hat. This course will prepare you for the demands of the industry, and create a collection within the shortest possible time. The development of the design collection takes a look at both the inspirations and practical considerations that go into a design collection. Conceptualise your collection through runway shows, forecast information, directional trends and consumer demands. Get in touch with the process every step of the way from size specifications to overseeing the samples to the final fruition of a complete look all within a given scope. From this unique immersive approach, take your first brave steps into the Fashion Industry. Full Time: 1 Month Part Time: 1.5 Months

Registered Title:Fashion Design Collection SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:74:00 Training Hours:64:00 e-Learning Hours:08:00 Assessment Hours:02:00 View Module

This course will allow you to advance your knowledge on pattern drafting and garment construction. Through hands-on experiences, learn how to draft skirts and pants, and the sewing techniques involved in their construction. Classes mix hands-on activities, demonstrations and lectures to convey learning concepts in a multifaceted approach.

Registered Title:Drafting and Sewing: Bottoms SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:44:00 Training Hours:40:00 e-Learning Hours:00:00 Assessment Hours:04:00 View Module

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the process involved in creating garments, from pattern drafting to cutting and sewing. With foundational knowledge in drafting and sewing, participants will be equipped to advance their skills in pattern making and sewing. Specifically, the course will focus on basic threading techniques for industrial sewing machines and sewing methods for constructing a basic tee and pull-on shorts. By the end of this course, participants will have gained practical skills in garment construction, enabling them to create basic garments using industry-standard techniques. Additionally, they will have a foundational understanding of the processes involved in mass production and the importance of adhering to industry standards for quality and consistency.

Registered Title:Drafting and Sewing: Casual Knits SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:36:00 Training Hours:32:00 e-Learning Hours:00:00 Assessment Hours:04:00 View Module

This course will introduce the techniques necessary to draft pattern and sew basic tops. You will learn to develop different types of tops using basic block. This includes knowledge of necklines, collars and sleeve variation in pattern making. Gain these new skills through a variety of practical activities, demonstration and explicit teaching.

Registered Title:Drafting and Sewing: Tops SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:44:00 Training Hours:40:00 e-Learning Hours:00:00 Assessment Hours:04:00 View Module

This course provides the fundamentals and criteria for conducting apparel fit evaluation which is critical in the development of the final pattern draft before the garment goes into mass production. It is highly recommended for anyone involved in the technical design and prototyping process. You will learn how to conduct fit evaluation, identify issues from the fit evaluation, and alter patterns to address the various issues identified.

Registered Title:Fit Evaluation and Pattern Alteration SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:28:00 Training Hours:24:00 e-Learning Hours:00:00 Assessment Hours:04:00 View Module

Go beneath the surface and learn various textiles, down to the fibers and the processes involved in weaving, dyeing and much more. This comprehensive course provides you with the ability to identify fabrics by their industry’s name, the fundamental knowledge to help you understand the risks of using certain fabrics, empowering you with the ability to trouble shoot issues related to textiles limitations. You will experience screen printing in class, e-learning and receive a complimentary copy of your very own fabric reference library consisting of 50 – 60 different types of fabric swatches.

Registered Title:Textile Processes and Principles SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:34:00 Training Hours:23:00 e-Learning Hours:09:00 Assessment Hours:02:00 View Module

Learn all the fundamentals of garment construction in a week. Be exposed to the techniques employed in the fashion industry including how garments are constructed and the various seams and stitches utilized in the different components of a garment. With this knowledge, you can minimize impractical designs that cannot be replicated in mass production, eliminate misinterpretation in sampling and production, and improve communication in production specifications.

Registered Title:Garment Construction SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:26:00 Training Hours:16:00 e-Learning Hours:08:00 Assessment Hours:02:00 View Module

This course reverses the process of conventional pattern making by manipulating fabrics on the form before drawing the pattern. This specialized course allows individuals to understand how apparel design and paper patterns can be drafted through draping techniques. Conducted in an active, hands-on approach, student will learn the techniques necessary for design development and developing 3D patterns.

Registered Title:Basic Draping SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:44:00 Training Hours:40:00 e-Learning Hours:00:00 Assessment Hours:04:00 View Module

This course aims to give participants a holistic understanding of how patterns and virtual garment samples can be created using Virtual Fit software. Students will be able to evaluate fit and style virtually and create pattern alteration, accessories and trims placement across all garment sizes thus eliminating the need for full-size set samples. Participants will learn to develop virtual library of pattern pieces, fabrics, accessories, trims and prints for their future reference. This course is highly recommended for Virtual Fit users to enhance their skill set.

Registered Title:Intermediate Virtual Prototyping in Fashion SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:39:00 Training Hours:37:00 e-Learning Hours:00:00 Assessment Hours:02:00 View Module
Certificate Issuance

Upon successful completion of each module within the course, you will be awarded with a Statement of Attainment (SOA) by SkillsFuture Singapore. After successful completion of all modules within the course, you will be awarded the Diploma in Apparel Design and Product Development certification by TaF.tc. TaF.tc diploma and advance diploma are accredited by institutes globally. For more information please go here to check our accreditations or contact Louise Clement at louiseclement@taftc.org.

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Items Required For Class

Do take note of the following things you are required to have for both class and their assessments. Please check if all these stated below are in working condition before registering for class. 

  1. Laptop 
  2. Webcam 
  3. Working mic on a laptop or actual mic 
  4. Smart Phone capable of accessing their respective app stores
  5. Access to data or wifi connections


The Diploma will be done both online via Teams, and offline at our Central Plaza campus (Tiong Bahru MRT) and Thye Hong Campus (near Redhill MRT).

Yes we will! We provide mentorships and consultations to further your studies, we’ve got your back!

Most definitely! Upon completion of your Diploma programme, you will be awarded a hardcopy TaF.tc Diploma certificate from us, and you can also access the softcopy via your student app!

Not at all! You can enrol for our Diploma programme without any prior experience, as long as you have a passion for fashion!

The Apparel Design Diploma will be split into 5 main categories which will cover the fundamentals of fashion design, fashion business essentials, digitalising fashion design, dressmaking, and a final capstone project to wrap up everything you’ve learnt in the Diploma.

The courses are conducted in the form of lectures, discussions, demonstrations, case studies, practical exercises, and hands-on activities. You will then be assessed on the work you have done with a final evaluation at the end of every course.

As an Edutrust and Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) certified training centre, with 11 top fashion schools recognising our Diplomas for accreditation programmes like Paris College Of Art and Atelier Chardon Savard, TaF.tc continues to stay in line with leading national and international fashion industry standards.

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