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Master the art of complex pattern design with hands-on experience. Tailored for aspiring dressmakers and fashion professionals. Delve into intricate garment creation, pattern manipulation, and detailed dress development.


Advanced Pattern Manipulation & Dress Development: Mastering Complex Designs
Dive deep into the intricate world of pattern design with our Advanced Pattern Manipulation and Dress Development course. Designed for those with a passion for detailed garment creation, this course offers both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Master the art of crafting complex patterns, manipulating blocks, and drafting multi-layered designs while maintaining precision with body measurements, pattern development styles, and ease allowance. Tailored for aspiring dressmakers, fashion designers, and apparel professionals, this course promises a mastery over advanced pattern techniques. Graduates will confidently produce unique garments that fit perfectly, positioning them as invaluable players in the fashion sphere. The journey to expertise is facilitated through in-depth demonstrations and interactive pattern drafting sessions.

Master Series: Ladies’ Gown Creation - Elegance Tailored to Perfection
Elevate your fashion prowess with our Master Series: Ladies’ Gown course. This intensive program is meticulously crafted for seasoned dressmakers and fashion aficionados eager to accentuate their gown-making skills. Dive deep into the construction of varied gown silhouettes, from corseted bodices to long layered skirts, with a keen focus on individual body measurements. Acquire expert knowledge in lining applications, precise boning, and advanced fabric manipulation to birth luxurious, custom-fit gowns. The pinnacle of the course demands the creation of a complete ladies' gown, mirroring the teachings and techniques imbibed throughout the sessions. By its conclusion, you'll be armed with the dexterity to craft stunning, bespoke ladies' gowns, setting the stage for a flourishing career in fashion design. Every lesson is enriched with hands-on demonstrations and intricate sewing procedures.

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Everything you learn at can be applied to your professional life in fashion and will be taught by industry practitioners through interactive workshops, whether online or in's Sewing Labs.

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Our partners and advisors are as close to home as Thailand or Japan and as far as Italy or the UK. Tap into a professional community built over decades of industry immersion.

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Course Duration

SSG Approved Training & Assessment Hours : 42
Modules (2)

The Master Series: Ladies’ Gown is an intensive and comprehensive course designed for experienced dressmakers and fashion professionals looking to expand their expertise in creating sophisticated ladies' gowns. This advanced-level course will focus on various gown silhouettes, including corseted bodices, lining application techniques, long layered skirts, and precise boning according to individual body measurements. Participants will gain a deep understanding of advanced construction techniques and fabric manipulation to create luxurious and tailored gowns. You will be required to create a complete ladies' gown with a corseted bodice and a long layered skirt based on own body measurements or given size specification. The final gown should demonstrate the application of the skills and techniques learned throughout the course. By the end of this course, participants will have the confidence and skillset to create exquisite, custom-made ladies' gowns, making them well-prepared for a rewarding career in fashion design or dressmaking. This unit is delivered through demonstrations and hands-on sewing operations.

Registered Title:Master Series: Ladies' Gown SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:24:00 Training Hours:23:00 e-Learning Hours:00:00 Assessment Hours:01:00 View Module

The Advanced Pattern Manipulation and Dress Development course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of advanced pattern manipulation techniques and the development of intricate dress designs. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience, students will learn how to create complex patterns, manipulate blocks, and draft multi-layered designs while considering body measurements, pattern development styles, and ease allowance. This course is ideal for individuals aspiring to become skilled dressmakers, fashion designers, or professionals in the apparel industry. Upon completion of the course, participants will be equipped with advanced pattern manipulation skills and the ability to develop customized dress patterns tailored to various styles, body measurements, and fabric choices. Graduates will gain confidence in creating unique and well-fitting garments, making them valuable assets in the fashion industry. This unit is delivered through demonstrations and hands-on pattern drafting techniques.

Registered Title:Advanced Pattern Manipulation and Development of Dresses SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:18:00 Training Hours:17:00 e-Learning Hours:00:00 Assessment Hours:01:00 View Module
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