Advanced Pattern Manipulation and Development of Dresses

Online Short Course Apparel Design and Product Development

Improve your fashion design skills with our comprehensive course on advanced pattern manipulation, dress development, body measurement principles, and block manipulation methods. Learn how to create unique, well-fitted garments tailored to various styles and fabric choices.


The Advanced Pattern Manipulation and Dress Development course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of advanced pattern manipulation techniques and the development of intricate dress designs. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience, students will learn how to create complex patterns, manipulate blocks, and draft multi-layered designs while considering body measurements, pattern development styles, and ease allowance. This course is ideal for individuals aspiring to become skilled dressmakers, fashion designers, or professionals in the apparel industry. Upon completion of the course, participants will be equipped with advanced pattern manipulation skills and the ability to develop customized dress patterns tailored to various styles, body measurements, and fabric choices. Graduates will gain confidence in creating unique and well-fitting garments, making them valuable assets in the fashion industry. This unit is delivered through demonstrations and hands-on pattern drafting techniques.

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    Registered Title: (Advanced Pattern Manipulation and Development of Dresses )

    TPGateway Code:TGS-2024044968

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Course Duration

SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:18:00 Trainer Facilitated Hours (On Campus/Virtual):17:00 Self-Directed E-learning Hours:00:00 Assessment Hours:01:00
  • Construct dress basic pattern blocks with given specifications or measurements taken from size specs in accordance with industrial standards.
  • Develop a variety of dress using block manipulation methods.
  • Label and mark individual pattern pieces with symbols and notches based on industrial practices.
  • Pattern check against various components of the entire draft.
  • Alignment of notches and seam allowances to match various components of the dress.
Key Learning Areas
  • Conversion from imperial measurements to metric measurements and vice versa.
  • Human shapes and variations.
  • Dress variations.
  • Pockets variations.
  • Basic pattern block for dress.
  • Facing, Interfacings, hemming, zipper application.
Certificate Issuance

Upon completing the course, the student will be awarded a Certificate in Advance Pattern Manipulation of Dress.

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Items Required For Class

Before your class begins, we'd like you to make sure that you have the following items so that the class can proceed smoothly.

The following items are compulsory for students to bring:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fabric/Lining requirements are based on standard medium sizing. Please purchase additional yardage for larger sizes.
  • Fabric for Toile Fitted Corset Top with a Long Skirt [Skirt optional] - Calico ( 1.0 meter for 45"/114cm width).
    • We advise you to get fabrics that are not too soft and slippery.
    • Additionally, solid color fabric is highly recommended. Clearly mark which is the face and back of the fabric.
    • If you prefer to get prints, please get prints that are non-directional and can be cut in either direction. For example, if you get a dinosaur print, you must make sure the dinosaurs are looking in all different directions and not just one.
  • 1 spool ( 100m to 250m ) of white color thread ( 100% Polyester ).
  • 1 meter of either medium to stiff nonwoven or woven interfacing for corset bodice (to be advised during class as this is dependent on the main fabric used) for Interlining/Interfacing.
  • 1 Concealed l zip 18 - 22 inches ( based on body length Zipper ) ( YKK Only ).
  • Accessories :
    • LNS - 3 meter transparent boning [4.8mm x 1.8mm ].
    • a pair of bust cup inserts.
    • industrial machine needle [size 9/65].
    • a pair of pinking shears.
  • 1 meter of Marker paper ( 45 gsm, 122cm width ).

Students are required to bring their Stationery too. The list of stationery has been stated below.

  1. Pen
  2. Correction tape/fluid
  3. 2B Pencil (and sharpener or extra lead depending on the type of pencil used)
  4. Eraser/Rubber
  5. 1-inch paper masking tape
  6. Glue stick
  7. Notebook
  8. Calculator

Sewing Toolkit and Drafting Paper

All students who take's Sewing Courses are required to bring their own Sewing Toolkit and Drafting Paper for class.

  • Sewing Toolkit - Student Price S$55/set (Retail Price S$70/set).
  • Drafting Paper (10 yards) - Student Price S$7 (Retail Price S$10).
  • Students can purchase the Sewing Toolkit and Drafting Paper from SMH Craft [101 Upper Cross St, #03-32 People's Park Centre, S(058357)] and get the Student Price by showing their Student Mobile App.
  • Click here to download the Sewing Toolkit and Drafting Paper list.
You will need a Laptop OR Computer Or Tablet, whichever you prefer, for viewing your E-books and completing classwork.


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