Shoe Making: Ladies' Sandals

On Campus Short Course Footwear Design and Product Development

This course is a hands-on learning experience to cut, stitch and construct a pair of ladies high heel sandals using traditional shoe making techniques.

This course provides a hands on learning experience to cut, stitch and construct a pair of ladies high heel strappy sandal with access to special tools and equipment. You will not only learn to self-evaluate the product for quality but will also learn how to rectify mistakes. With guidance from our professional, take a look into the world of traditional shoe making and craft a pair that’s uniquely yours. Funding Period: 1st March 2021 to end Feb 2024

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    Registered Title: (Shoe Making: Ladies’ Sandals )

    TPGateway Code:TGS-2022014414

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    On Campus


Course Duration

SSG Approved Training & Assessments Hours:34:00 Trainer Facilitated Hours (On Campus/Virtual):32:00 Self-Directed E-learning Hours:00:00 Assessment Hours:02:00
  • Identify tools, equipment, machines, and components required to construct ladies’ sandals.
  • Learn how to cut and skive sandal upper and other components according to established sandal patterns.
  • Perform manual/machine stitching of upper straps, vamps, and buckle attachments.
  • Assemble the upper components, insole, and heel to complete the ladies’ sandals.
  • Perform finishing on ladies’ sandals.
  • Evaluate the workmanship and construction of the ladies’ sandals.
  • Take corrective actions to rectify the abnormalities/defects.
Key Learning Areas
  • Footwear tools, footwear equipment, and machineries.
  • Ladies' sandals type and their construction.
  • Material used for ladies' sandals.
  • Ladies' sandal sizing system.
  • Sandal’s construction process.
  • Seams.
  • Strap attachment techniques.
  • Cement or adhesive and its application.
  • Fastenings and accessories.
  • Finishing and polishing processes (PS5).
  • Criteria of evaluation for ladies' sandals (PS6).
Certificate Issuance

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be awarded a Certificate in Shoe Making: Ladies’ Sandals.

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Items Required For Class

Before your class begins, we would like you to make sure that you have the following items so that the class can proceed smoothly.

  • apron
  • sharp scissors
  • small empty recycled jar with cap for glue
  • small paint brush for glue


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We do not offer any make-up or replacement classes.

We highly discourage you from missing any classes since the entire program is designed to be hands-on intensive. There is also a minimum attendance requirement of 75% of training hours for Singaporean and PRs, and 90% of training hours for international students. If you do not meet the 75% attendance requirement, you will not be eligible to enjoy subsidies nor to sit for the assessment. Make sure you block off your time during your training with us or find an intake option that will ensure you do not miss any classes. You will only wish that you had more time in the class!

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