Our Specialties - Industrial Engineering, Quality & Production Professional Courses

The fashion industry is characterised by long product life cycles, low volume, volatile demand, high product complexity and a complicated supply chain. In such an environment, efficient management practices is the key to sustainability. Traditional organisational structure is not structured for quick response and maximum flexibility.

Industrial engineering practices will assist the transformation of traditional practices into reality in the most cost-efficient way with the objective of creating a seamless process of taking a product concept to the customers. These are done through productivity that will unlock significant value, minimising costs while stabilising operational stability that prioritise area of greatest impact for the upstream and downstream manufacturers.

The application of know how is building an effective organisational core structure for the company with the best thinking and efforts to bear on sustainable bottom line imporovemetns in seeking productivity that build around cutstomers’ and suppliers’ needs. The gains are improved labour and capital productivity.