With the immense digital and technological developments, changes in consumers behaviour and the need for integration across countries, has decided to change our Vision and Mission and corporate logo as follows.  The below changes takes effect from 1 September 2017:-


“To be a global fashion school without boundaries.”


“To inculcate in each individual the attitude, skills and knowledge for the development and integration of the textile and fashion industry.”


OUR NEW corporate LOGOs


TAFTClogo FA taftc logo_logo

The concept of a global fashion industry is a product of the evolving modern age, and through globalisation, the term ‘fashion’ now encompasses interdependent divisions: end-to-end trims and Textile Manufacturing, Fashion Design, Fashion Retailing (apparel, shoes, accessories), Marketing and Merchandising.

With this change in Vision and Mission, will continue to focus on capability development and cross boundaries in digitalisation and internationalisation of our training programmes.


Thanks and regards, Management