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[UPDATED] COVID-19 Measures

August 2021

Here are the latest updates for our safety management measures as of 2nd August 2021. Things to remember while you are on campus in

1. Wearing a mask is mandatory for the whole duration of the class. The only time when a student can take off their mask is during eating/ drinking) else mask has to be on at all times.


2. Everyone must practice social distancing of 1 meter at all times. Students must not mingle around in groups and can only seat at their designated seats from the start of the class till the end unless using shared machines. Tables are marked with green tapes for those that could be used.


3. Every student who enters have to scan and submit their Safe Entry before entering the campus.


4. Every student who enters has to take their temperature and submit a temperature declaration form before entering the campus. Twice daily for full-day classes and once for half-day/evening classes.

Daily temperature taking has been implemented for all staff, and all students will be subjected to temperature taking before class.

If your temperature is measured to be above 37.5°C, you will be asked to stay aside for five minutes, and then we’ll measure your temperature again. If your temperature remains high, we will have to ask you to return home, and we will work with you to make up for your class.


5. All students are encouraged to use a hand sanitiser after using shared/ common equipment during class. E.g. disinfect your hands after using our overlock machines. There will be a hand sanitiser at the entrance/ exit of the campus and we highly advise all students to use them before leaving/ entering as well.


6. TraceTogether only check-in for safe entry will be implemented on 17th May 2021, all students who are taking physical classes to ensure they have their TraceTogether app downloaded or token available to check-in.


7. Student is to stay at home and not come to class if they are not feeling well with any COVID-19 related symptoms (e.g. fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough, loss of taste/ smell, etc). Please head over and see a doctor even if you are vaccinated to protect your family members and to have peace of mind. Checks will be conducted during the check-in. will turn away all students whom we deemed are not well or have any recent travel history/ government notice to stay at home/ displaying any symptoms during the check-in process.


8. If any students fall sick during the class, please let the trainer/ any staff know and go to see a doctor immediately. will follow up with the student who falls ill in class.

Lastly, a gentle remember to wash your hands!

We’ll like to encourage all students to wash their hands thoroughly with soap prior to entering class, and on a regular basis. With these measures in place, we hope to continue having you on campus with us at!