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Professional Sewing Courses

January 2019

Basic Drafting and Sewing

How can I learn how to sew? Is it easy to learn how to use a sewing machine? Get started with's Basic Drafting and Sewing as it is specially curated for beginners.

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With our range of sewing courses available, learn about the fundamentals of sewing before moving to the advanced classes where you get to sew your own basic pants and shirt with a variation of collars! Get to develop more in-depth knowledge on drafting and sewing with our dressmaking and jacket tailoring classes.

Can I jump and take the intermediate courses without taking the basic sewing? I have prior sewing experience. 
No, you can't. Due to the intensive course content, you are required to follow these learning pathways: 

Pathway 1:

  1. Basic Drafting and Sewing (Sleeveless Top and Skirt)
  2. Intermediate Drafting and Sewing (Shirt and Pants) 
  3. Pattern Drafting and Sewing - Jacket

Pathway 2:

  1. Basic Drafting and Sewing (Sleeveless Top and Skirt)
  2. Pattern Drafting and Sewing - Dress

Pathway 3:

  1. Fit Evaluation and Pinning for Alteration
  2. Basic Alteration

As for Fit Evaluation and Pinning for Alteration & Basic Alteration, these modules have no prerequisites and are open to beginners. However, we suggest going for Fit Evaluation and Pinning for Alteration first.

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