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Partnership with Inclusive Trade

November 2019's Partnership with Inclusive Trade

Today (Friday, 1 November 2019), is pleased to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with our United Kingdom-based e-commerce partner, Inclusive Trade.

As part of our partnership with Inclusive Trade, will link our graduates who have businesses to Inclusive Trade in order to determine if their products satisfy the conditions of Inclusive Trade and hence be eligible for sale via Inclusive Trade's e-commerce platform. Any items being curated for sale on Inclusive Trade must adhere to the Shop by Impact® philosophy and mandate. Shop by Impact® comprises of four focus points:

  1. Support Communities
  2. Care for the Environment
  3. Embrace Gender Inclusivity
  4. Preserve Craft Skills


About Inclusive Trade

Inclusive Trade is one of the first online e-commerce portals that focuses on providing consumers with a solution to 'shop by impact' while bringing stories of skilled artisans, artists, and passionate entrepreneurs from around the world from places such as Guatemala, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Peru, India, Brazil, and beyond. The focus and aim are to make trade and business a reality for so many amazing artisans, giving them the opportunity to grow into brands while providing consumers with the ability to take home a piece of these precious stories and continue the narrative by living and becoming an integral part themselves. By applying simple digital solutions, beautiful professionally documented backstories, and professional product photography, these global networks of great stories are soon becoming a trading reality. Being one of the pioneers in bringing SMEs onto online shopping platforms, Inclusive Trade Ltd participates in global trading discussions and works closely with multilateral and regional forums to provide practical inputs towards the evolution of multilateral and regional trading rules that would soon define digital trade thereby affecting several hundreds of SMEs and MSMEs globally.

Inclusive Trade sources and develop products ethically by charting their supply chain and the story of each artisan and maker. Inclusive Trade is guided by 4 key factors strongly based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

To find out more about the products sold by Inclusive Trade, please go to

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