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[NOV 2021] New E-Books Platform

November 2021

Greetings to all of our students!

We are introducing a new e-book platform that we will be switching to. While you are free to continue using Kitaboo until the 31st of December for past books, we will officially implement Kytes from the 15th of November onwards for all subsequent classes.


The reason for this change is that after reviewing past student ratings and qualitative feedback, we believe that using Kytes will improve the user experience of our students.


1. Kytes will improve accessibility by no longer requiring students to remember their passwords and only requiring access to their emails.


2. Kytes will also allow us to more efficiently provide up to date ebooks to our students to ensure they have the proper materials required for our classes.


3. Kytes follows the Software as a Service model and will no longer require students to download an ebook app into their phone or tablet. They can access their books anywhere by simply using the web browser.


Here's a sneak peek of how the e-books will look like:


Lastly, past students of the last 3 years will still be given access to their e-books. However, as there are many students, it will take time for our team to provide access to everyone.

Please contact +65 8875 6778 if you wish to receive your books earlier.

Click here to log in to Kytes!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!