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Merchandising Bundle

June 2019


  • Short Courses: App fee waiver of $12.84 (Promo code: OH202008)

Creating your own Fashion brand from scratch can be a daunting experience! But we've got your back - our Merchandising Bundle will equip you with the skills to evaluate the commercial viability of your design, compute all production costs, negotiate with vendors, effectively source your material, manage production efficiency, and create lasting synergy between customer and brand!

✓ Singaporeans can utilise their SkillsFuture credits - including the October top-up for all Singaporeans (S$500 for those under 40 and S$1,000 for those who are 40-60 years old) - to offset course fees!

Questions? Have a quick chat with our advisors! You may call Wilson at 84816093, or drop him an email at

1. Global Sourcing for Textiles & Apparel
9 - 14 September (E-learning)

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2. Project Management
19 - 25 September (Full Day)

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3. Intro. to Fashion Sustainability
5  - 20 October (Full Day)

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4. Fashion Brand Creation
6  - 11 November (Full Day)

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5. Fashion Retail Merchandise Buying
19 November  - 5 December (Full Day)

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6. Material & Apparel Costing
9 - 15 December (Full Day)

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