New Classes – WSQ Develop Business Plan is glad to inform you that we will be starting our class of Develop Business Plan for Fashion Enterprise. Conducted by the one and only Ms Marie-Louise Jacobson (also conducts Perform Retail Merchandise Buying).

Here is an Overview:

Creating a business plan is the blueprint for a business. Create Business Plan & Retail Financial Forecasts for Fashion Enterprise is a valuable course developed specifically for individuals involved in starting up a new business in retail, e-commerce and fashion enterprise. This course helps you outline the steps needed to achieve the goals and objectives you have identified, develop a road map for the business you intend to start, help identify strategies, structure key objectives, guide in how the goals can be achieved and let you get some directions and timelines in which to achieve these milestones. The financial implications of your goals and strategies will be reflected in the financial forecasts in your business plan. Whether you want to secure funding, such as bank loans or attract angel investors, you necessarily need to have a solid business plan that is backed-up with well thought through financial forecasts and sustainability projection of at least 3-years. Writing a business plan is time-consuming, but is essential for anyone wanting to have a successful business that’s going to survive the startup phase.


Develop Business Plan for Fashion Enterprise