Bring your knowledge to the next level. Learn how to create a successful footwear collection, with the difference.

Are you a practising or an aspiring footwear designer or entrepreneur, or maybe you're just interested in footwear? Or maybe you don't have the proper knowledge in developing a shoe collection, and you can't afford the time to travel to our Singapore campus to study? 

For the first time, TaFtc International is flying our Italian trainer to Jakarta to conduct a master class for Footwear Collection Development! Learn the secrets of the famed Italian approach towards developing a stylish and sucessfull footwear collection. Take the step forward in elevating your footwear knowledge. Sign up now!


Monday to Friday, 2 to 6 July 2018 (total: 5 days) 9 am to 6 pm WIB (light refreshments will be served)

Venue: EV Hive D.Lab - Jl. Riau No. 1, Gondangdia, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10350, Indonesia 

Course Fee (EARLY BIRD): SGD$ 2,300 (key in discount code GET200 to enjoy this fee) Usual Course Fee: SGD$ 2500

about the module:

Footwear Collection Development

Jointly developed by International and Ars Sutoria, a world-renowned Italian footwear institute, this module covers all that you need to know in creating a successful shoe collection.

Learning Objectives

  • Conduct market research on footwear trends and trend direction 
  • Analysis on competitors, consumers’ needs, target market’s lifestyle and mindset changes 
  • Identify the stages and timeline required in developing a footwear collection 
  • Develop footwear collection – create mood boards based on market research and analysis 
  • Develop technical specification and costing details for the footwear collection 
  • Learn to identify technical design limitations to prevent fit and construction issues at the factory

your trainer


Formerly a trainer at Ars Sutoria (a world-renowned Italian footwear institute), Richard has more than 15 years of experience as a footwear specialist, and he is much sought after globally in techniques of model development, stylistic design, collection development and prototyping. Besides managing his own footwear development consultancy business, he currently conducts training at He has also been deployed to conduct workshops and training in countries such as China, Africa, USA, Mexico, and Indonesia.

our ambassadors

Uma Hapsari 

Uma founded Amazara together with her husband in November 2015. Today, her company has expanded into a large team in charge of customer service, creative content, IT, graphic designer, finance and accounting respectively. In July 2017, Uma was awarded the Young Woman Future Business Leaders by SWA Magazine. Since completing her footwear classes at, she has been busy working on new footwear designs and growing her business.

Rowland Asfales 

Fales founded Pijakbumi in 2016 as an environmentally-conscious fashion retail brand focused on creating shoes, apparel, and accesorries using only raw, natural materials without any chemical treatment. Fales is active in public lectures in various institutions, from government, education, community, to mass media, etc and he has also been selected to be on a national-level discussion forum to discuss on climate change. Fales was named the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Marketeers Youth Award 2017. In the same year, he was selected to be one of the panel speakers for the Creativepreneur 101 Ambon organised by the Association for Creativity and Economy in Indonesia (BEKRAF). He was also featured on Jakarta's business radio channel to on his brand and vision in preserving the environment. Fales had the opportunity to learn footwear design and collection development at

Zacharia Lukkyta

Zacharia established RIDE Inc in 2013, specialising in men's and women's footwear utilising only locally sourced leather materials from Malang, East Java (where his business is based), West Java, as well as Central Java. With his own production line, RIDE Inc prides itself as a footwear brand that produces tough, good-quality footwear that are durable for everyday wear. Today, his shoes are stocked in 3 retail stores in 3 cities - Malang, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta respectively. Along with Uma and Fales, Zacharia also had the opportunity to learn footwear design and collection development at