WSQ Construct Ladies’ Court Shoes

4 April – 2 May 2015 (4 Saturdays)

8.30 am – 6pm

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WSQ Construct Men’s Shoes  

30 May – 27 June 2015 (5 Saturdays)

8.30am – 6pm


5 May – 18 June 2015 (Every Tuesday and Thursday)

7pm – 10pm

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WSQ Construct Ladies’ Sandals

1 – 29 August 2015 (4 Saturdays)

8.30am – 6pm

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Join us on these dates to construct your own pair of shoes! 

This course provides you a hands-on learning experience with footwear masters to cut, stitch and construct a shoe. The participants will carry out hands-on activity to cut leather components from existing patterns and assembly them together using various types of footwear equipment and tools. They will also conduct a self-evaluation of the finished products for quality and recommend improvements when needed.


For more information, you may call 3157 6111 or email