Garment Construction

Become the Next Fashion Talent

Garment Construction (WSQ Analyse Garment Construction (Synchronous E-Learning))


Learn all the fundamentals of garment construction in a week. Be exposed to the techniques employed in the fashion industry including how garments are constructed and the various seams and stitches utilized in the different components of a garment. With this knowledge, you can minimize impractical designs that cannot be replicated in mass production, eliminate misinterpretation in sampling and production, and improve communication in production specifications.

Course Specialities
  • Fashion Business
  • Apparel Design & Product Development
  • Industrial Engineering, Quality & Production
Course Duration
  • SSG Approved Training & Assessment Hours 26:00
  • Identify selected common functional stitch types with reference to ASTM D6193 standards
  • Identify the various pattern pieces of selected basic garments
  • Analyse and illustrate selected seam, construction and stitch code from various garments
  • Analyse and articulate the sewing operations process of selected garments
  • Recommend suitable functional stitch and seam construction for selected fabric types and garment styles
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 Entry Requirement

Singapore/PR Students:

  • Aged 16 years and above AND
  • Possess at least 3 GCE 'O' Level credits with a minimum of C6 including English and Mathematics OR
  • ES WSQ Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 5 and above OR
  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Fashion Technology OR
  •'s Advanced Certificate

International Students:

  • Aged 16 years and above AND
  • High School Diploma equivalent to GCE ‘O’ Levels with minimum grade C6 for 3 subjects, including English and Mathematics AND
  • IELTS score 5.5 or TOEFL score 600

Additional Pre-requisites:

All students are required to have basic computing skills - i.e. able to turn on the laptop, use the mouse, drag and drop files, use online search engines for research; and be a competent user of Microsoft Office.


All students must also be competent or possess equivalent skills and knowledge for the following competency:

  1. WSQ Interpret Pattern Draft and Sewing Sequence of Apparel
 Graduation Requirements

Student must fulfil the following requirements:

  • 75% attendance rate of total training hours per module
  • Assessed and be competent for every module
Student Pass Holders – a minimum of 90% attendance per month will be required.
 Who Should Attend
  • Assistant Merchandisers to Merchandise Managers
  • Marketing Executives to Marketing Managers
  • Product Development Executives to Managers
  • Sourcing Executives to Managers
  • QA Auditors, QC Inspectors and QA / QC Managers
  • Designers / Buyers
  • Production Supervisors to Managers
  • Industrial Engineers, Work Study Officers
 Key Learning Areas
  • Functional stitch types and applications
  • Decorative stitch types and applications
  • Seam types and applications
  • Pattern pieces
  • Sewing operations
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Type of folders to increase sewing ease and productivity
 Certificate Issuance
Upon successful completion of the course, student will be awarded the Statement of Attainment (SOA) for WSQ Analyse Garment Construction. WSQ Certification is nationally endorsed and recognised by industry partners.
Course Fee
All Singaporean/PRs (SSG)

SkillsFuture Singapore Grant (SSG)
All Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

  • Full Course Fee S$ 1,000.00
  • Application Fee S$ 12.00
  • Less: SSG Grant S$ 1,000.00
  • - -
  • GST (7%) S$ 0.84
  • Total Fees Payable (Inclusive of GST) S$ 12.84
Singaporean (SFMCES)

SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Funding (SFMCES)
All Singaporeans aged 40 years and above

  • Full Course Fee S$ 1,000.00
  • Application Fee S$ 12.00
  • Less: SSG Grant S$ 1,000.00
  • Less: SFMCES -
  • GST (7%) S$ 0.84
  • Total Fees Payable (Inclusive of GST) S$ 12.84

Enhanced Training Support Funding (ETSS)
SME with employment size ≤ 200 or annual sales turnover ≤ S$ 100 million
SME can claim additional 20% of full gross fee under ETSS where applicable

  • Full Course Fee S$ 1,000.00
  • Application Fee S$ 12.00
  • Less: SSG Grant S$ 1,000.00
  • - -
  • GST (7%) S$ 0.84
  • Total Fees Payable (Inclusive of GST) S$ 12.84
International Students
  • Full Course Fee S$ 1,000.00
  • Application Fee S$ 12.00
  • NA NA
  • NA NA
  • GST (7%) S$ 70.84
  • Total Fees Payable (Inclusive of GST) S$ 1,082.84
Course Schedule (Full Time)