Design Bags Collection (New)

Online Short Course Bag Design Product Development

Learn how to create seasonal bags collections. Study current trends, identify a customer base, and prepare mood boards while referencing iconic bags.

This course will cover the concept, ideation and creation of a cohesive look using a variety of different styles and bags. You will study current trends in bag design, identify a customer base, and prepare mood boards while referencing iconic bags. This unique course will teach you how to create seasonal collections for your market. Funding Period: 1st March 2021 to end Feb 2024

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You will need a laptop OR computer OR tablet*, whichever you prefer, for viewing your E-books and E-Learning.
*Devices need to have a working camera and a microphone.

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Yes! You can use any SkillsFuture Credits you have to pay for course fees.

We do not offer any make-up or replacement classes.

We highly discourage you from missing any classes since the entire program is designed to be hands-on intensive. There is also a minimum attendance requirement of 75% of training hours for Singaporean and PRs, and 90% of training hours for international students. If you do not meet the 75% attendance requirement, you will not be eligible to enjoy subsidies nor to sit for the assessment. Make sure you block off your time during your training with us or find an intake option that will ensure you do not miss any classes. You will only wish that you had more time in the class!

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