WSQ Manage Virtual Fit Technology

In today’s fashion industry, speed to market is the critical success factor for any retailer. Changes in designs have to be quick and accurate, and physical sampling can be costly and time consuming. The quality of pattern draft is only decided when the sample is made up. Virtual fit allows user to test the quality of the draft without incurring real cost in terms of fabrics, accessories and sewing. Virtual Fit Software is an integrated sampling and designing application set to reduce the lead time of the product development cycle through 3D visualisation of garment and fabric details. This course aims to give a brief introduction on Virtual Fit Software with a good understanding of how it can help to ease work and increase the productivity of sampling.


  • To understand the difference between the traditional way of sampling and using a Virtual Fit software
  • Understand the use of various functions and capabilities of a typical Virtual Fit software
  • Create Avatar, Virtual garment and amend pattern drafts based on the given specification
  • Determine position of different accessories and trims across virtual garment
  • Evaluate fitting and style virtually
  • Make necessary changes to pattern based on fitting evaluation

Entry Requirement

Singapore/PR Students:

  • GCE ‘O’ Level with 3 credits including English and Mathematics OR
  • WSQ Advanced Certificate OR
  • WSQ ES WPLN Level 5 and above

International Students:

  • High School Diploma equivalent to GCE ‘O’ Level with 3 credits including English and Mathematics OR
  • Qualifications from professional institutes may be considered on a case-by-case basis AND/OR
  • Pass Entrance Test

English Language Requirement –
Possess a minimum credit in English at GCE ‘O’ Level or its equivalent OR
IELTS score 4.5 or TOEFL score 450

ALL students are required to have basic computing skills i.e. turn on the laptop, use the mouse, drag and drop files, use online search engine for research; and be a competent user of Microsoft Office.

Competent or possess equivalent skills and knowledge for the following competencies:

a. WSQ Interpret Pattern Draft and Sewing Sequence of Apparel
b. WSQ Apply Virtual Fit Technology

Graduation Requirements

Student must fulfil the following requirements:

  • 75% attendance rate of total training hours per module
  • Assessed and be competent for every module
Student Pass Holders – a minimum of 90% attendance per month will be required.

Certificate Issuance

Upon succcessful completion of the course, trainee will be awarded the WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA). WSQ Certification is nationally endorsed and recognised by industry partners.

Who Should Attend

  • Assistant Designers to Design Directors
  • Assistant Merchandisers to Merchandisers
  • Marketing Executives and Managers
  • Product Development Executives and Managers
  • Sourcing Executives and Managers
  • Pattern Drafters
  • Garment Technicians

(This module is only available for corporate training)

Key Learning Areas

  • Technical sketches
  • Seams and stitches
  • Basic fit evaluation using Virtual Fit software
  • Fabric characteristics
  • Trims, accessories and prints
  • Paper patterns
  • Garment construction

Course Duration

Training Hours 36 hours
Assessment Hours 3 hours
Total Hours 39 hours

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WSQ Course Fee SME Sponsored SME Sponsored Self Sponsored Self Sponsored Self Sponsored International
Singaporean/PRs aged ≥ All Age Group Above 17 years Singaporean only and aged ≥ 35 years Singaporean/PRs aged ≥ 21 years Singaporean only and aged ≥ 40 years
Singaporean only and aged ≥ 35 years
Full course fee S$ 1,350.00 S$ 1,350.00 S$ 1,350.00 S$ 1,350.00 S$ 1,350.00 S$ 1,350.00
Less: Non-PME Courses
90% of course fee, capped at $25/hr
- - - - - -
Less: PME Courses
90% of course fee, capped at $50/hr
(S$ 1,215.00) - - (S$ 1,215.00) - -
Less: Non-PME Courses
80% of course fee, capped at $17/hr
- - - - - -
Less: PME Courses
50% of course fee, capped at $15/hr
- - (S$ 585.00) - - -
Less: Non-PME Courses/PME Courses
95% of course fee
- (S$ 1,282.50) - - (S$ 1,282.50) -
Nett fee after grant S$ 135.00 S$ 67.50 S$ 765.00 S$ 135.00 S$ 67.50 S$ 1,350.00
Add: 7% GST* S$ 94.50 S$ 94.50 S$ 94.50 S$ 94.50 S$ 94.50 S$ 94.50
Total Nett Course Fee Payable including GST S$ 229.50 S$ 162.00 S$ 859.50 S$ 229.50 S$ 162.00 S$ 1,444.50

* GST Formula as follows:
Course fee after SSG grant x 7% GST = GST
# SME can claim additional 20% of full gross fee under ETSS where applicable