WSQ Manage Global Supply Chain Security

Enhancing security of the entire supply chain in the textile and apparel industry has gained increasing importance in global business to protect against the acts of terrorism, piracy and theft. US Customs envisions entire supply chain, from manufacturer to carrier to warehouse provider to broker to importer, to be a C-TPAT certified member over a period of time. C-TPAT certified members will be subjected to fewer security examinations and inspections by the US Customs. This training program is aimed at helping factories in upgrading their skills and to be able to cope with this new business requirement from buyers.Participant will learn knowledge and skills required to effectively manage supply chain security with special emphasis on C-TPAT and CSI compliance.


  • Understand global supply chain security issues and relevant standards
  • Learn the importance, context and application of the C-TPAT programme
  • Gain insight into the C-TPAT standards
  • Apply C-TPAT standards and underlying principles to your facility
  • Implement C-TPAT standards effectively
  • Develop documentation procedures for C-TPAT audits
  • Prepare the facility for C-TPAT audits and validations by auditors
  • Develop and implement an integrated C-TPAT system
  • Develop C-TPAT tools for internal control and monitoring
  • Analyse common problems in C-TPAT implementation and develop solutions
  • Develop best practices in C-TPAT

Entry Requirement

Singapore/PR Students:

  • GCE ‘N’ Level with 3 credits including English and Mathematics OR
  • WSQ ES WPLN Level 4 and above

International Students:

  • High School Diploma equivalent to GCE ‘N’ Level with 3 credits including English and Mathematics OR
  • Qualifications from professional institutes may be considered on a case-by-case basis AND/OR
  • Pass Entrance Test

English Language Requirement –

  • Possess a minimum credit in English at GCE ‘O’ Level or its equivalent OR
  • IELTS score 4.5 or TOEFL score 450

ALL Students are required to have basic knowledge of computer and Microsoft Office

Graduation Requirements

Student must fulfil the following requirements:

  • 75% attendance rate of total training hours per module
  • Assessed and be competent for every module
Student Pass Holders – a minimum of 90% attendance per month will be required.

Certificate Issuance

Upon succcessful completion of the course, trainee will be awarded the WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA). WSQ Certification is nationally endorsed and recognised by industry partners.

Who Should Attend

  • General Managers / Factory Managers
  • HR Managers / Supervisors
  • Compliance Managers / Supervisors
  • Production Managers / Supervisors
  • Accounts / Finance Managers / Supervisors
  • Logistics Managers / Supervisors
  • Shipping Managers / Supervisors
  • Security Managers and Security Agencies’ Managers

(This module is only available for corporate training)

Key Learning Areas

  • Global supply chain security initiatives and standards including C-TPAT and CSI standards
  • Audit and monitoring tools, techniques and procedures
  • Audit planning and control techniques
  • Internal monitoring planning and implementation
  • Managing C-TPAT
  • Communicating C-TPAT performance to stakeholders

Course Duration

Training Hours 16 hours
Assessment Hours 1.5 hours
Total Hours 17.5 hours

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WSQ Course Fee SME Sponsored SME Sponsored Self Sponsored Self Sponsored Self Sponsored International
Singaporean/PRs aged ≥ All Age Group Above 17 years Singaporean only and aged ≥ 35 years Singaporean/PRs aged ≥ 21 years Singaporean only and aged ≥ 40 years
Singaporean only and aged ≥ 35 years
Full course fee S$ 850.00 S$ 850.00 S$ 850.00 S$ 850.00 S$ 850.00 S$ 850.00
Less: Non-PME Courses
90% of course fee, capped at $25/hr
- - - - - -
Less: PME Courses
90% of course fee, capped at $50/hr
(S$ 765.00) - - (S$ 765.00) - -
Less: Non-PME Courses
80% of course fee, capped at $17/hr
- - - - - -
Less: PME Courses
50% of course fee, capped at $15/hr
- - (S$ 262.50) - - -
Less: Non-PME Courses/PME Courses
95% of course fee
- (S$ 807.50) - - (S$ 807.50) -
Nett fee after grant S$ 85.00 S$ 42.50 S$ 587.50 S$ 85.00 S$ 42.50 S$ 850.00
Add: 7% GST* S$ 59.50 S$ 59.50 S$ 59.50 S$ 59.50 S$ 59.50 S$ 59.50
Total Nett Course Fee Payable including GST S$ 144.50 S$ 102.00 S$ 647.00 S$ 144.50 S$ 102.00 S$ 909.50

* GST Formula as follows:
Course fee after SSG grant x 7% GST = GST
# SME can claim additional 20% of full gross fee under ETSS where applicable