The Global Fashion Talent Programme (GFTP) is designed to create, manage and infuse new talent into the Textile and Fashion Industry to ensure its vitality and growth.

A joint initiative between SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and the Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre (, it offers Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents an opportunity to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to advance their careers in the textile and fashion industry while gaining international perspective from an internship placement in an international fashion company.

The programme includes a WSQ Diploma in Fashion Technology that gives industry practitioners a nationally recognised qualification, certifying skills and work experience.

GTFP is a 15-month programme where selected individuals study full-time for a WSQ Diploma in Fashion Technology for the first 3 to 3.5 months. They will be placed in an employment in an international fashion company in the remaining months (terms and conditions apply).


ObjectivesProgramme StructureEligibility For IndividualsEligibility For Host Companies
  • Recruit and develop new talent for the textile and fashion industry.
  • Provide selected individuals with exposure to various cultures through training, mentorship and immersion in a foreign country.
  • Create career opportunities for new candidates in the textile and fashion industry.
  • Allow companies to identify new talent and impart the necessary knowledge and experience to create industry-ready individuals.

Programme Structure

  • Interested individuals must first enrol for the WSQ Diploma in Fashion Technology and opt for GFTP.
  • Selected individuals must go for an interview arranged by the company or and must be employed by the host company as an employee from the commencement date of the WSQ diploma programme.
  • The selected individuals will attend and must complete the full-time diploma programme at for a period of 3 to 3.5 months (depending on the nature of the course) within the time frame stipulated.
  • Upon completion of the diploma course, the individual will proceed to be employed as an intern in the company for 2 months locally and then 5 months overseas (a total of 7 months in duration).
  • The intern will enjoy a total of $5,000 training stipend throughout the first 3 months of the diploma programme and then $2,000 monthly for the next 5 months of employment period overseas.
  • After completing the 7-month employment period locally and overseas, it is mandatory for the individual to work in the fashion industry for the remaining 5 months to complete their GFTP programme.
  • The host company has first priority in offering a full-time position to the individual, and will also facilitate the placement of the individual into suitable employment in the industry, should any assistance be required.



  • 3 GCE “O” level credits in English, Mathematics and 1 other subject OR
  • ES ESQ Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN) Level 5 and above
  • Must be unemployed throughout the period of application
  • Must not own a registered business
  • Incorporated in Singapore, or
  • Host company that was incorporated outside Singapore with at least 20% of its shares owned by a Singapore Citizen or a Singapore Incorporated Company