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“ has very engaging trainers who are also very knowledgeable in textile and fashion products.  Our front line team fully enjoyed the training sessions and they find it very suitable”

Helen Khoo (Mrs)
Executive Director
Wing Tai Retail Pte Ltd

“Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre ( has been  my exclusive training partner and has collaborated with me to customize and deliver industry training for my LF Global QA team and LF vendors in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.  These training programs are very critical as they support LF in our continuing effort to strengthen and build our active vendor base to face new business challenges particularly in the area of productivity, cost improvement and quality.  These training programs bring new learnings to the apparel industry on how to improve manufacturing processes which will help our vendors to continue to stay competitive where speed to market is imperative to the success of the business.  Li and Fung have been in collaboration with for coming to 5 years in our joints Lean initiative.  More recently, has also collaborated with us to conduct workshops for the production and development team of our customer, Kohl’s in Milwaukee, USA.  We are proud to say that the training has helped build an even higher level of confidence and trust as Kohl’s appreciates the professionalism of my team brought about by the ongoing training.”

Lesley Ho
Executive Vice President
Global QA Operations & Vendor Management
Kohl’s Sourcing Group
LF Sourcing