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Lean Productivity Programme

Besides providing Career Consultancy and Talent Recruitment, is also equipped with an in-depth knowledge of production processes in the fashion industry, which enables factories to move up the supply chain through’s Capacity Development in merchandising, design and development. has the capabilities, resources and track record in Lean Consultancy to guide apparel manufacturers in identifying and reducing wastage to achieve higher productivity, shorter lead time and cost savings. Lean concepts and tools can be applied both on the production shop floor as well as in non-manufacturing environment.

The manufacturer will gain Resource Productivity through redesigning their production processes, methods, equipment modification and workplace re-engineering to reduce resource requirements, minimise energy consumption and optimise space utilisation. also organises relevant conferences and network events for the fashion industry.

“ trained Tung Mung International’s Vietnam factory staff in Lean Concept and Tools and followed this through with the implementation of Lean Improvement projects. Work in progress was reduced by 71% and throughout the time it was reduced by 74% from 95 minutes to 25 minutes.

The estimated productivity increase was 25% which roughly translates to be about 2.075 million pieces amounting to US$13.4 million in sales.”

Mr Y.Y. Chen
Tung Mung International (Vietnam)