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Style Yourself or Your Friend and Stand to Win Prizes!

Can’t decide what to wear every morning? Not sure what style of clothing flatters your silhouette?

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Leather Bag Workshop

Have you ever make things with your hands? When was the last time you’ve used something you personally made? Has anyone been impressed with something you have created? Leather Bag Making Workshop is back! For just 3 days, you will be guided professionally to bring your desired bag design to life. Get acquainted with various bag construction methods and be equipped with skills to further develop your interest in bag-making. The next intake will be: Date: 27 – 29 […]

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Merchandising & Marketing Certificate

No time for a full diploma? No worries, attend one or all four of our Merchandising and Marketing courses and dive into the world of  Fashion marketing and understand how to manage the flow of merchandise from the initial design to the presentation of products to customers, with the aim of maximizing sales and profitability.

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Diploma in Footwear Design

You’ve always felt shoes could be taken further, far beyond the drab black that everyone tends to pair their outfits with. You’ve been inspired, enamoured by shoes you’ve seen, but you believe in more – so how to make all these ideas a reality?

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Digitalise Your Fashion Design

Are you an aspiring footwear designer? Maybe you’re interested in learning how to use design programs. With this course on drawing digital footwear, gain the knowledge and skills to accurately convey your designs on a digital platform and convey these creative concepts with technical specification.

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Obtain a Fashion Advanced Certificate

Are you thinking of gaining more financial independence while pursuing your interests? Are you keen on taking something that’s “just a hobby” further? Imagine a life where ideas can be realized, where there is something you can do to spice up your daily routine and generate income from at the same time.’s Advanced Certificate in Fashion Technology aims to allow individuals to enrich themselves and empower them with the knowledge they need to convert their ideas into extra income. […]

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Fashion Bites

If your go-to Christmas look is red hats and green shorts, it’s time to take a bite of a refreshing new look. ​ This Christmas, feast with as we bring you a series of courses to whet your appetite for some serious fashion know-how. With a diverse spread of courses to choose from, your only problem is being spoilt for choice!   Come join us in this Fashion Feast Christmas Edition, today

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With the immense digital and technological developments, changes in consumers behaviour and the need for integration across countries, has decided to change our Vision and Mission and corporate logo as follows.  The below changes takes effect from 1 September 2017:- OUR VISION “To be a global fashion school without boundaries.” OUR MISSION “To inculcate in each individual the attitude, skills and knowledge for the development and integration of the textile and fashion industry.”   OUR NEW corporate LOGOs   […]

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Fashion Pricing Master Class and Simon- Kucher presents to you an exclusive course that will help your business strive to new heights by guiding you to help develop a globalized price strategy that works for your business.

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