Go the Distance- Athletic Shoes September Intake!


Shopping for athletic shoes can be a tricky process- there are so many different types and styles, with different properties that are supposed to give them more support or more cushioning. But how do you know what is essential in the making of a pair of athletic shoes?

Join us in learning more about what goes behind each pair of athletic shoes, or even have a hand at creating one yourself, gaining this knowledge through a unique hands-on experience with our Italian Trainer.

Course Details:

Identify & Analyse Athletic Shoes: 25 September to 26 September

Construct Athletic Shoes: 27 September to 29 September

Contact us at 3157 6111 or E-mail us at enquiry@taftc.org

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Meet Your Trainer

 Paolo Marenghi

TAFTC I-111-min

Paolo Marenghi is an Italian Senior Professor and Technical Director in Ars Sutoria, world renowned footwear institute, since 1993. He has been a key program developer in Italy as well as overseas for more than 20 years.

He started his career in a family footwear business where he developed skills and knowledge in designing men’s and women’s shoes.

Paolo is much sought after by renowned footwear brands such as Hogan, Bata, Nike, Aldo, Timberland and New Balance for their corporate training.

He is also a pioneer in the development of new training programs in technical fields such as sample making, manufacturing process for designers, technicians, buyers and retailers.