diploma in footwear design

WSQ DIPLOMA IN FASHION TECHNOLOGY (Footwear Design & Product Development) 

Upcoming intake: 13 November 2017 to 7 February 2018

You've always felt shoes could be taken further, far beyond the drab black that everyone tends to pair their outfits with. You've been inspired, enamoured by shoes you've seen, but you believe in more - so how to make all these ideas a reality? 

Here at TaF.tc, we believe in making ideas a reality by giving you the skills you'll need to make these dreams come true.  

TaF.tc's Diploma in Footwear Design is a 3-month long programme that equips you with the skills you'll need to bring your shoes into reality, from the basic drawing skills to the actual construction.

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what you will learn

Fundamentals of Footwear  

  • WSQ Identify and Analyse Leather and Materials For Footwear  
  • WSQ Identify Footwear Component and Construction  
  • WSQ Evaluate Fit, Comfort, and Quality for Footwear 

Footwear Design

  • WSQ Draw Digital Footwear
  • WSQ Sketch Footwear Design
  • WSQ Develop Footwear Design Collection

Footwear Pattern Making 

  • WSQ Create Basic Footwear Patterns
  • WSQ Create Intermediate Footwear Patterns

Footwear Construction

  • WSQ Construct Ladies' Sandals
  • WSQ Construct Ladies' Court Shoes
  • WSQ Construct Men's Shoes

Footwear Product Management 

  • WSQ Create Technical Specifications and Costing for Footwear  
  • WSQ Manage Footwear Brand and Buying Strategy

our overseas trainers


Richard has more than 15 years of experience as a footwear pattern maker, and 8 years as a footwear manufacturer. He is one of the few footwear specialists much sought after globally in techniques of model development, stylistic design, collection development and prototyping.  

He has worked with many global footwear brands such as Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Versace, Missoni, and many others. After gaining extensive experience with those brands, he decided to pursue one of his many talents - teaching, at the renowned shoe pattern making &&design institute, Ars Sutoria in 2006. With Ars Sutoria’s international network, Richard is also deployed to conduct workshops and training in countries such as China, Mexico, Africa, USA, Mexico, Indonesia, and Singapore.  

Richard is passionate about the industry and he continues to work with emerging designers and brands in shoes development. He now manages his own footwear development consultancy business, Arise.S, besides continuing with his teaching.


Beatrice owns her own high-end footwear label “Alice Starck” and her shoes are sold all around the world such as Milan, New York, or Kobe. She is also on the web thanks to YOOX, an Italian internet mail order retailer of men's and women's multibrand fashion merchandise.

Since 2008, Beatrice has been conducting training in Ars Sutoria, a renowned footwear school in Milan. She is also a trainer in Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, “New Academy of Fine Arts” (NABA). 

Beatrice’s area of specialisation is in trends research, design and development of footwear. She also works as an illustrator for the global footwear magazine, Ars Arpel. Beatrice’s experience as a footwear designer gave her the opportunity to work with leading Italian footwear companies such as Fornarina and Colmar.  


Marie has 30 years of international experience in retailing and merchandising management. She began her retail career in Denmark where she managed and co-owned 4 fashion retail stores followed with a stint as a buyer. She was later employed by the finest department store in Denmark, working her way up to Vice-Director Head of Fashion Goods. Marie moved on to work as International Marketing Manager for Royal Copenhagen-Georg Jensen where she was responsible for opening new international retail outlets in Chicago, Singapore and Paris.  

In 1990, Marie relocated to Singapore where she was the General Manager for Merchandising at Robinsons, in which she remained for 15 years. where she helped grow the business by developing 9 profitable private labels for the company, making Robinsons the most profitable department store in Singapore during that time. 

Today, Marie is the Managing Director of Retail Management Solutions, specialising in consulting, designing programs to fill corporate gaps, conducting retail audits, coaching and training to help increase employee motivation and to raise levels of organisational performance and achievements. Her most recent retail project is Zalora Singapore, a renowned online fasion e-commerce company. Marie is also the author of the Art of Retail Buying – An insider’s Guide to the Best Practices from the Industry

At TaF.tc, Marie teaches the WSQ Manage Footwear Brand and Buying Strategy module, in which our footwear diploma students learn about building a brand identity, branding strategy to establish a footwear brand, formulating merchandising plan, as well as identifying target market and consumer demographics.  


Sergio has more than 11 years of experience in footwear pattern-making. As a pattern maker in Milan for 4 years, he has collaborated with global brands such as Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Tom Ford, Elie Saab, Gianfranco Ferre, and many others.

He then went on to teaching at Ars Sutoria, a renowned school in Milan for footwear and bag pattern making and design. 

At TaF.tc, Sergio teaches our footwear diploma students pattern making, imparting his knowledge and pattern-making skills to our students aspiring to be footwear designers. 


Paolo is an Italian trainer in Ars Sutoria, world renowned footwear institute, since 1993. He has been a key programme developer in Italy as well as overseas for more than 20 years.

He started his career in a family footwear business where he developed skills and knowledge in designing men’s and women’s shoes. Paolo is much sought after by renowned footwear brands such as Hogan, Bata, Nike, Aldo, Timberland and New Balance for their corporate training. 

He is also a pioneer in the development of new training programs in technical fields such as sample making, manufacturing process for designers, technicians, buyers and retailers.

Besides being a technical coordinator for all of Ars Sutoria's programmes, Paolo also conducts all the athletic shoe classes at TaF.tc.  

our overseas ambassadors

Uma Hapsari 

Uma started her own footwear brand, Amazara, together with her husband in November 2015 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Today, her company has a team of about 20 people in charge of customer service, creative content, IT, graphic designer, finance and accounting respectively.

Positioning her brand as 'Affordably Stylish', she believes that comfortable, attractive-looking shoes need not necessarily be expensive. Calling her beloved customers Amazara Squad, she also believes that excellent customer service is critical in running a business. She ensures that her brand delivers excellent, prompt and friendly customer service besides warmly welcoming consructive feedback from her customers. She and her team lives by the motto: "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."

Uma was one the finalists for the 1st season of The Big Start Indonesia in 2016. In July 2017 recently, Uma was awarded the Young Woman Future Business Leaders by SWA Magazine.

During our 2-week study tour, Uma had the opportunity to learn Sketch Footwear Design and Develop Footwear Design Collection through our Italian trainer, Beatrice. Since completing her classes at Ta.tc, she has been working on new footwear designs which will be launched in her September 2017 collection.

Rowland Asfales 

Fales, as how he would like to be called, founded Pijakbumi in 2016, as an environmentally-conscious fashion retail brand that brings unique and modern streetwear fused with a humble tone - a form that will never fade with time. 

Pijakbumi focuses in making shoes, apparel, and accesorries using only raw, mixed-natural materials without any chemical treatment. The brand also collaborates with Komunitas Pohon Indonesia, a community with a mission to preserve Indonesia's vegetation and forestation. With every pair of Pijakbumi shoes that is purchased, a tree will be planted in an effort to preserve Indonesia's forestation.

Fales was the 2nd runner up in Season 1 of The Big Start Indonesia in 2016. As Indonesia's first creativepreneur webseries reality show, it is a platform for aspiring creativepreneurs to showcase their innovation and creativity while learning to become better entrepreneurs through a series of weekly elimination challenges. 

In May 2017, Fales was recognised as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Marketeers Youth Award 2017. Fales was selected to be one of the panel speakers for the Creativepreneur 101 Ambon organised by the Association for Creativity and Economy in Indonesia (BEKRAF) in July 2017. He was also featured on the Indonesia Morning Show, as well as on 92.4 PasFM, Jakarta's Business Radio Channel where he was sharing about his brand and vision in preserving the natural environment.

During our 2-week study tour, Fales also had the opportunity to learn Sketch Footwear Design and Develop Footwear Design Collection through our Italian trainer, Beatrice.

Fales is active in public lectures in various institutions, from government, education, community, to mass media, etc and he has also been selected to be part of a national-level discussion forum on climate change.

Zacharia Lukkyta

Zacharia established two footwear brands, RIDE Inc and RIDE Inc Female in 2013, specialising in men's and women's footwear utilising only locally sourced leather materials from Malang, East Java (where his business is based), West Java, as well as Central Java. 

With his his own production line, RIDE Inc prides itself as a footwear brand that produces tough, good-quality footwear that are durable for everyday wear. Today, his shoes are stocked in 3 retail stores in 3 cities - Malang, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta respectively.

Along with Uma and Fales, Zacharia also had the opportunity to learn Sketch Footwear Design and Develop Footwear Design Collection during our 2-week study tour through our Italian trainer, Beatrice. 

overseas workshops

Jakarta Footwear Diploma workshop (coming in 2018)

We selected 3 footwear designers/entrepreneurs to come to Singapore and let them experience what it's like to study Footwear Diploma at TaF.tc. Check out the video here!