Short courses to spice up this festive season in November and December

If your go-to Christmas look is red hats and green shorts, it’s time to take a bite of a refreshing new look. ​ This Christmas, feast with as we bring you a series of courses to whet your appetite for some serious fashion know-how. With a diverse spread of courses to choose from, your only problem is being spoilt for choice!  

Come join us in this Fashion Feast Christmas Edition today!


WSQ Interpret Leather Product and Care

$440.00 | $47.08 (Singaporeans and PRs only)

Your leather goods need to be cared for just before any party, but what to do to maintain them?  

Learn about the different types of leather how to make them last- fend off wear and tear with this know-how today. ​ Date: 18 November 2017

Time: 8.15am – 5.00pm  

Location: Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre

Full Course Fee: S$440  

After SSG funding (Incl. GST): S$47.08


WSQ Interpret Textile Product Knowledge and Provide Advice on Fabric Care for Textile and Fashion Industry

$350.00 | $37.45 (Singaporeans & PR only)

Stains are the product of a Christmas Party gone wrong, the worst enemy of your favorite top.  

If you've never read the care label, you probably should- but how?  

Learn the right way to care for your clothes, read the label, and deal with those pesky stains in this course! ​ Date: 2 December 2017 (Saturday)  

Time: 8.15am – 5.00pm  

Location: Carlton hotel (City Hall MRT)

Full Course Fee: S$350  

Nett Course Fee: S$ 37.45 (After SSG funding, including GST)*

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