WSQ Interpret and Draw Production Sketches

­­Technical drawing is an important tool to turn your creative thoughts into reality. Learn to communicate the details of your garments accurately and clearly to your manufacturer to ensure error-free production.


  • Describe the various silhouettes and components of the garment i.e. the various types of collars/neckline, armholes, sweep, pockets, etc
  • Determine points of measurement of garment based on given specifications and measurements
  • Draw by hand the style, silhouette, seams, trims and stitch details of a given apparel
  • Accessories and closures
  • Develop garment production drawing and evaluate based on given specifications and measurements
  • Communicate with the sample maker the style and details of the design he/she wants to achieve using visuals and written description

Entry Requirement

Possess at least 3 GCE “O” level qualification passes with English, Mathematics and 1 other subject or ES WSQ Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) level 5 and above.

Graduation Requirements

Student must fulfil the following requirements:

  • 75% attendance rate of total training hours per module
  • Assessed and be competent for every module
Student Pass Holders – a minimum of 90% attendance per month will be required.

Certificate Issuance

Upon succcessful completion of the course, trainee will be awarded the WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA). WSQ Certification is nationally endorsed and recognised by industry partners.

Who Should Attend

  • Assistant Merchandisers to Merchandise Managers
  • Marketing Executives and Managers
  • Product Development Executives and Managers
  • Sourcing Executives and Managers
  • QA Auditors, QC Inspectors and QA/QC Managers
  • Designers
  • Buyers
  • Production Supervisors and Managers
  • Industrial Engineers, Work Study Officers
  • Tailors

Key Learning Areas

  • Different types of garments, garment parts and details
  • Details of stitches and seams
  • Details of trims, accessories and closures
  • Different Points of Measurement
  • Process of garment production drawing

Course Duration

Training Hours 32 hours
Assessment Hours 2 hours
Total Hours 34 hours

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WSQ Course Fee Singaporean
(WTS a)
(SSG Grant c)
(ETSS d)
International Students
Full course fee S$ 1,150.00 S$ 1,150.00 S$ 1,150.00 S$ 1,150.00 S$ 1,150.00
Less: SSG Grant (S$ 805.00) (S$ 805.00) (S$ 805.00) (S$ 805.00) -
Course Fee after SSG Grant S$ 345.00 S$ 345.00 S$ 345.00 S$ 345.00 S$ 1,150.00
Add: Application Fee - - - - -
Add: 7% GST* S$ 24.15 S$ 24.15 S$ 24.15 S$ 24.15 S$ 80.50
Course Fee including GST S$ 369.15 S$ 369.15 S$ 369.15 S$ 369.15 S$ 1,230.50
Less: WTS (S$ 287.50) - - - -
Less: SFMCES - (S$ 230.00) - - -
Total Nett Course Fee Payable S$ 81.65 S$ 139.15 S$ 369.15 S$ 369.15 # S$ 1,230.50

a: Workfare Training Scheme (WTS) - Aged ≥ 35 years and earning ≤ $2,000/month
b: SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (SFMCES) - All Singaporeans aged 40 years and above
c: SSG Grant - All Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents
d: Enhanced Training Support Susidy (ETSS) - SME with employment size ≤ 200 or annual sales turnover ≤ S$ 100 million

* GST Formula as follows:
Course fee after SSG grant x 7% GST = GST
# SME can claim additional 20% of full gross fee under ETSS where applicable