“Through my learning journey in TaF.tc, it has helped me apply the skills that I have learnt in class to my real life job experience within Walt Disney with in a shorter time period. The ratio of students to teachers is very good as the teachers could give focused time to each student . Everyone can share and ask questions during the discussion and it is super helpful. The lecturers are very nice and have a lot of experience in the industry. Having them share about their experiences in the industry were very beneficial.”
— Tan Li Ting Elizabeth, Sourcing Specialist in The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Pte. Limited

“After attending this footwear course offered by TaF.tc, it helped me understand the basics of the footwear industry and gave me an edge when meeting with the manufacturers and suppliers.”
— Toby, Diploma in Fashion Technology (Footwear Design and Product

“TaF.tc has been the best platform to train me in the niche field of footwear designing with its amazing faculty, excellent support staff as well as great learning environment, I have learnt a lot and would like to thank Taf.tc. I highly recommended the school for anyone wanting to make a foray into the fashion world.”
— Vrinda Gupta, student of TaF.tc

“I found the course extremely useful. All I wanted to know about leather was in the course. The lecturer knows the subject well, thus we benefited a lot from the course. I hope you would have more of such one-day courses in the future.”
— Nancy Cheang, Marketing Manager in Inorep Marketing Pte Ltd

“TaF.tc is authentic, they are hands-on especially during the lessons. It has a very good class size with time focused on each student. They have very good and well-experienced lecturers in the industry.”
— Shonna Seow, Managing Director of VS De Mariee

“The best part about the diploma in TaF.tc was that it was condensed into 13 weeks. The staff are really helpful, encouraging and supportive. I now have real knowledge about what goes into making shoes.”
— Asante Margaret Olusolabomi, Diploma in Fashion Technology (Footwear Design and Product Development)

“TaF.tc opened up my vision and opportunities in the exciting fashion industry. The knowledge gained was the key fundamental to excellent performance.”
— Kevin Chua, Assistant Merchandising Manager (Home & Travel) in Mothercare (S) PTE LTD

“My course at TaF.tc helped me better understand what comprises quality leather products and how knowledge can help create a line of shoes that will be well accepted by our customers.”
— Nita Chauhan, Director of Vincitore Shoes

“Taf.tc has provided a great foundation for starting out in the Fashion Business.”
—Matthew Gideon, Founder of DEBONEIRE Menswear

“There are so much goodness in TaF.tc: Comprehensive course offering where we get to learn everything required to know in the classroom as well as provide us knowledge to be industry ready. Patient and experienced lecturers who are not just here to teach, they’re willing to share and impart knowledge beyond the textbook. Handouts, notes, equipment, tools etc. are always ready for us, providing us with a hassle free learning environment. Even the support staffs are ever ready to help and assist in whichever problems we may encounter. Clearly, TaF.tc is an institute that is passionate in teaching and nurturing us for our future.”
— Perri Goh, Diploma in Fashion Technology (Footwear Design and Product Development)

The courses helped in providing an introduction of how the industry will be like and what is to be expected. The Introduction to Textile module benefited me most as it helped me in identifying fabrics, which is a knowledge required in my role as a Materials Developer.  Other modules such as the Production Drawing and the Garment Construction modules have given me the knowledge of identifying mistakes in markers drawn when checking them while working in a garment factory.  Overall, the courses have allowed me to adapt quickly to my jobs in this industry.
— Priscilla Tay, Vendor Manager in Nike 

“It is amazing how much you can learn in 3 months from TaF.tc. Developed with Ars Sutoria, the courses are taught by industry experts who generously share their personal experiences. This allows students to not only develop a strong foundation but also obtain key insights into the industry. Lessons are straight to the point and have been optimally planned to enable structured learning. This truly was a beautiful experience for me and I highly recommend this course for those interested to start their own footwear label.”
— Alphonsus Chng, Director of A Traveller’s Fine Threads Pte. Ltd